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  • 029 – The One True Splinter Church

    Did you know there was a “succession crisis” after the death of Joseph Smith Jr., that several splinters emerged, and that the LDS church today is just one of those? […]

  • 028 – Alias Smith and Jones

    There was a western genre TV series in the 70’s called Alias Smith and Jones, about two outlaws who were on the run. In this episode, Dave and Mike talk […]

  • 027 – Cracker Jack Surprise

    Those listeners who are old enough to remember the caramel popcorn treat called “Cracker Jack” will also recall that there was a toy “surprise” inside every box. In this episode, […]

  • 026 – AbraSPAM

    Have you had your daily helping of SPAM? How about your regular dose of translated Egyptian scrolls that… well… really weren’t “translated”?

  • 025 – By the Gift and Power of Fraud

    In this week’s episode, Dave and Mike talk about the brilliant (or not-so-brilliant) fraud that was manifested by Joseph Smith in the creation of the Book of Mormon. We pick […]

  • 024 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 2

    Here’s the conclusion to the two-part episode, where Dave and Mike explore some of the more interesting parts of Mormon history.

  • 023 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 1

    This is our first TWO-PART EPISODE! Trust us, we don’t plan on doing this very often. We chat in this one about the “pits” that come along with LDS church […]

  • 022 – Rippling Relationships

    Dave and Mike talk about the core philosophies of the church around relationships, and how questioning (and especially leaving) the church can have serious implications in all of our relationships.

  • 021 – Kicking Against the Pricks

    There’s at least one other translation for the word “pricks” in this title, and Dave and Mike kick against them in this episode.

  • 020 – A Tale of Two Churches

    Members of the church face “two churches” in their LDS experience — the church presented to them as they first learn about it, and the church they discover after peeling […]