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  • 057 – Sieg Heil, Pukedork!

    Join Dave and Mike in a comic-filled review of one of the talks given during this recent General Conference.

  • 056 – The Dream Within a Dream

    You’re probably familiar with the account of Lehi’s dream in the Book of Mormon. Since the Book of Mormon could be described as something that was “dreamed up” by Joseph […]

  • 055 – The Ongoing Rustoration

    From its inception, the Mormon church has claimed the “fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ” was restored (past tense) through the prophet Joseph Smith. This includes the doctrine received […]

  • 054 – Premature Emancipation

    A central belief in the Mormon faith is that Jesus Christ will come again, ushering in the Millennium, a time when he will rule the earth. What did Joseph Smith […]

  • 053 – The Grateful Dead

    Word has it that the dead are grateful for the Mormons doing stuff in the temple for them! Or at least that’s what Mormons think. Where did this concept of […]

  • 052 – Finding Peace in the Pieces

    Intermingled with comments on the Coronavirus, we take a look at two different topics in this week’s episode. First, how staying home from church might affect the members. Second, how […]

  • 051 – Protection Deception

    There is a folklore-doctrine taught in the church that those who obey God will be “protected” both spiritually and physically – especially those in special callings, such as missionaries. This […]

  • 050 – Exclusive Inclusivity

    For our semi-centennial episode, we talk about one of the craziest examples of “exclusive inclusivity” in the Mormon church — the doctrine of the “2nd Comforter”.

  • 049 – The First Visions: Fabrication Variation

    The church is getting ready to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the “first vision” of the founder, Joseph Smith. This presents the question, “Which vision version are you talking about?” […]

  • 048 – Israel Nation Fascination

    The foundation of most Mormon beliefs and activities is centered on the nation and “blood” of Israel, tying back to the covenant God made with Abraham as presented in the […]