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  • 063 – Trust Busters

    The LDS church requires its members to extend significant trust to its leaders. “The Brethren” at the top are sustained as “prophets, seers, and revelators” who literally speak for God. […]

  • 062 – Not-so-Special Witnesses of Christ

    When the church was very young, Joe and Ollie called 12 apostles, hearkening back to the good ol’ days of Jesus and his traveling band. Ollie told the 12 that […]

  • 061 – Dead Men’s Bones

    The church claims to be “the only true and living church on the face of the earth”. What makes a church true? Beyond that – what makes it “living”? Join […]

  • 060 – What’s the Point?

    Did you ever hear of the “17 Points of the True Church”? It all stemmed from a talk given by a guy named Floyd Weston. “Back in the day” (especially […]

  • 059 – Keystoned

    You’ve probably heard the Book of Mormon called the “keystone” of the LDS religion. Join us in a small “stoning session” as we throw rocks at some of the truth […]

  • 058 – Look to the Source, of Course!

    According to Jeff “Jowls” Holland, if you don’t believe the Book of Mormon is true without accounting for its origin, you’ve been “deceived”. Well then, let’s look to the source, […]

  • 057 – Sieg Heil, Pukedork!

    Join Dave and Mike in a comic-filled review of one of the talks given during this recent General Conference.

  • 056 – The Dream Within a Dream

    You’re probably familiar with the account of Lehi’s dream in the Book of Mormon. Since the Book of Mormon could be described as something that was “dreamed up” by Joseph […]

  • 055 – The Ongoing Rustoration

    From its inception, the Mormon church has claimed the “fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ” was restored (past tense) through the prophet Joseph Smith. This includes the doctrine received […]

  • 054 – Premature Emancipation

    A central belief in the Mormon faith is that Jesus Christ will come again, ushering in the Millennium, a time when he will rule the earth. What did Joseph Smith […]