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  • 007 – Gerontocratic Psychosis

    Do you think there’s a possible disconnect between the 15 top leaders of the church, whose average age is 80, and the members…or the whole world, for that matter?

  • 006 – The Great Mind Phuque

    Dave and Mike review some of the psychological manipulations employed by the LDS church to indoctrinate its members.

  • 005 – Emotion, Emotion, the Magical Ocean

    In this episode, we talk about how emotion is a critical component of the Mormon belief system. Emotion trumps reason, science, and all other evidences that a member might come […]

  • 004 – Religion… Why?

    Mike and Dave go primitive for a moment and talk about some of the origins of religion, explore why humans seem to seek it, and relate it all to Mormonism […]

  • 003 – Have You Had a Revelation Lately?

    For a church that believes in continuing revelation from God, does it seem like there really haven’t been any (good/decent/big-deal) revelations lately?

  • 002 – Is Your God Schizophrenic?

    Does God seem to change his (her/its) mind a lot? When are the prophets “talking as a man”, or “talking as a prophet”?Which is more important – following God, or […]

  • 001 – Introduction to MormonTalk

    Join Mike and Dave as they introduce the new MormonTalk podcast series!Note: This podcast is not for devoted Mormons – it is for those who:– have left the church, or– […]