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  • 026 – AbraSPAM

    Have you had your daily helping of SPAM? How about your regular dose of translated Egyptian scrolls that… well… really weren’t “translated”?

  • 025 – By the Gift and Power of Fraud

    In this week’s episode, Dave and Mike talk about the brilliant (or not-so-brilliant) fraud that was manifested by Joseph Smith in the creation of the Book of Mormon. We pick […]

  • 024 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 2

    Here’s the conclusion to the two-part episode, where Dave and Mike explore some of the more interesting parts of Mormon history.

  • 023 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 1

    This is our first TWO-PART EPISODE! Trust us, we don’t plan on doing this very often. We chat in this one about the “pits” that come along with LDS church […]

  • 022 – Rippling Relationships

    Dave and Mike talk about the core philosophies of the church around relationships, and how questioning (and especially leaving) the church can have serious implications in all of our relationships.

  • 021 – Kicking Against the Pricks

    There’s at least one other translation for the word “pricks” in this title, and Dave and Mike kick against them in this episode.

  • 020 – A Tale of Two Churches

    Members of the church face “two churches” in their LDS experience — the church presented to them as they first learn about it, and the church they discover after peeling […]

  • 019 – The Bennies Fit

    Dave and Mike talk about the many benefits that come from leaving the LDS Church. Since Dave was in town, we were able to record for the first time in […]

  • 018 – Personal Perspectives and Kangaroo Courts

    Dave and Mike share a little more about their personal perspectives on religion, spirituality, and the existence of deity. They follow it up with some commentary on the “kangaroo courts” […]

  • 017 – Eyes Wide Shut

    Yes, another blatant title rip-off for this episode! The LDS church highly discourages its members from reading anything that could shake their view of the veracity of the religion and […]