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  • 036 – Loose Lips Sink Ships

    All aboard the Old Ship Zion! Ahoy, passengers! We’ll talk about the tactics employed by The Brethren as they implore church members to stay on the ship.

  • 035 – Trick or Treat

    In this Halloween episode we talk about the church’s history with getting involved in something very “un-churchy”… politics.

  • 034 – Digging for Doctored Doctrines

    Dave and Mike review more content from Latayne Scott’s book, The Mormon Mirage, focusing on doctrines taught in the LDS church that don’t appear in the Book of Mormon.

  • 033 – Mormon Miasmic Mirages

    How many more crazy things can we talk about in Mormon history that have been summarily ignored by modern leaders, many of which active (and former) members are completely unaware?

  • 032 – Perishing Parishes

    There have been many anecdotes presented about the growth of the church over the decades. The real statistics may surprise you.

  • 031 – Calamitous Cop-Outs

    There’s a culture of cop-outs given by leaders and members of the church to address some of life’s difficult situations. We discuss some of these, and offer some alternative, potentially […]

  • 030 – HaPenis Letter

    Many members of the church have heard the first few lines of the infamous “Happiness Letter”, but rarely have they heard the rest of the letter, where it came from, […]

  • 029 – The One True Splinter Church

    Did you know there was a “succession crisis” after the death of Joseph Smith Jr., that several splinters emerged, and that the LDS church today is just one of those? […]

  • 028 – Alias Smith and Jones

    There was a western genre TV series in the 70’s called Alias Smith and Jones, about two outlaws who were on the run. In this episode, Dave and Mike talk […]

  • 027 – Cracker Jack Surprise

    Those listeners who are old enough to remember the caramel popcorn treat called “Cracker Jack” will also recall that there was a toy “surprise” inside every box. In this episode, […]