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  • 013 – Secret Predators

    We talk about the rampant sexual abuse — especially the abuse of minors —that has been happening within the LDS church since its inception, how the culture and policies have […]

  • 012 – True Lies

    Lawrence Corbridge (General Authority, Seventy) gave a BYU devotional talk in January 2019 where he suggested a method for finding truth, and what to do with questions about the church. […]

  • 011 – The Cost

    One of the core reasons behind our podcast is to explore the costs tied to questioning the church, staying in, and especially leaving. This is the first episode where we […]

  • 010 – Are You Asking Me, or Are You Telling Me?

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone about why you left the church, and they proceeded to tell you why you left? We talk about the common myths of […]

  • 009 – The Policy Hokey Pokey

    Only 7 episodes after we talked about God changing his mind, it seems he’s at it again! In this episode, we talk about the church’s dramatic change on the infamous […]

  • 008 – Ticket to the Temple, or Pay to Play!

    We explore a brief history of tithing, how it’s used, the church’s transparency around it, and how it’s mandatory to be a member in good standing.

  • 007 – Gerontocratic Psychosis

    Do you think there’s a possible disconnect between the 15 top leaders of the church, whose average age is 80, and the members…or the whole world, for that matter?

  • 006 – The Great Mind Phuque

    Dave and Mike review some of the psychological manipulations employed by the LDS church to indoctrinate its members.

  • 005 – Emotion, Emotion, the Magical Ocean

    In this episode, we talk about how emotion is a critical component of the Mormon belief system. Emotion trumps reason, science, and all other evidences that a member might come […]

  • 004 – Religion… Why?

    Mike and Dave go primitive for a moment and talk about some of the origins of religion, explore why humans seem to seek it, and relate it all to Mormonism […]