071 – Shame Sham

071 – Shame Sham

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Moving on to discussing the 2nd “principle and ordinance of the gospel”, we address the LDS concept of repentance. Of course, we can’t talk about repentance in Mormonism without including its cousin, worthiness. The church has used these twin weapons as task master whip and battering ram to shame members and keep them in-line since its inception. Unfortunately, as with many LDS teachings, it results in untold damage to the church’s membership.

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  1. Mike

    Shout out to “genie_man” who produced the Monson impression that we shared in this episode. We shamelessly borrowed this from a user’s post in the r/exmormon reddit group, who in turn had borrowed it from genie_man’s TikTok posts. Kudos to genie_man for the talented portrayal of the late Tommy Monson, and the willingness to share that talent online with the world!

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