058 – Look to the Source, of Course!

058 – Look to the Source, of Course!

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According to Jeff “Jowls” Holland, if you don’t believe the Book of Mormon is true without accounting for its origin, you’ve been “deceived”. Well then, let’s look to the source, shall we?

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  1. Avatar

    Love the podcast. Holland’s anger is telling. He’s like a scared animal backed into a corner. It reminds me of that one talk he gave at an Arizona stake conference a few years ago. Maybe his new nickname should be Howlin’ Jowls Holland.

    • Mike

      The poor guy is just a natural magnet for nicknames, eh? Good reminder on the Arizona stake conference talk – I should grab snippets from that one for an episode.
      As if the historical and doctrinal problems weren’t enough, we have the loving examples of the “apostles of Jesus Christ”, like Holland, to represent God’s true church.

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