028 – Alias Smith and Jones

028 – Alias Smith and Jones

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There was a western genre TV series in the 70’s called Alias Smith and Jones, about two outlaws who were on the run. In this episode, Dave and Mike talk about Joseph Smith and Jim Jones, outlaws in their own right!

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  1. Avatar

    Regarding your news item about Brother Peeping Tom… I shared that story on my FB last week with a comment about the power of discernment and callings by divine inspiration. I ended with, “So I guess this means that God wants sexual predators holding positions of authority in the church and wants those men to have private conversations with children, teenagers and women about their sexual behaviors.”

    The terrifying thing is the first comment by a TBM was, “Yes, that’s not good, but we all have our free agency.” WTF????? If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

  2. Mike

    WTF indeed! I have purposely (so far) not posted a lot of church related stuff on social media (trying to “ease” family and friends into the reality that I’m no longer active, etc.), but every now and then I have to make a comment. Every time I do, I seem to get similar responses from someone.

    One of my posts about Sam Young’s efforts with his “Protect the Children” initiative led to a general discussion about that same concept — the supposed “spirit of discernment” when pedophiles are called into leadership positions, etc. One guy commented that “We don’t understand God’s ways, and he knows the trials and challenges people need”… as if to suggest that these men are *knowingly* called by God into positions where they will abuse children and women, and God is okay with it. That one made me irate, and I tore him a new asshole. I can’t believe what people will think to justify the abuse that’s happening from “God’s chosen leaders”.

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