024 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 2

024 – Cherry Picking Includes the Pits, Part 2

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Here’s the conclusion to the two-part episode, where Dave and Mike explore some of the more interesting parts of Mormon history.

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    Okay guys, this episode had me laughing out loud for real. I listened to it again with my daughter. I cannot count the amount of times that she exclaimed, “What the f@#$??”

    Just FYI, my grandparents got me into the church and I was baptized at age 12. Until the age of 37, I was a TBM. Young women’s and primary president, husband in the bishopric. We raised our children in the church. Sitting here shaking my head at how we were sold quite a bill of goods.

    Enjoying your podcasts… keep them coming! 😊

  2. Mike

    Thanks so much, Polly! You’re the first listener to come to the site and actually make comments about episodes! LOVE IT! 😀

    Thanks for sharing a little of your background, and glad you liked this one. About the “bill of goods”, no kidding… For a long time I actually blamed myself for having been such an avid believer. I had to give myself a break at one point and tell myself, “Look – you were raised in this. You believed and trusted your parents and the leaders when they told you it was true. You couldn’t know how fncked up this was back then!” Of course, I heard a lot of concerning things but promptly swept them under the rug, as most TBM’s do. It just got to the point where there wasn’t any room left under that damn rug! LOL…

    If you don’t mind me asking, was there a particular “straw that broke the camel’s back” for you? It sounds like your husband and the rest of your family also left the church?

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