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  • 075 – Promises, Promises

    The church makes many promises to its members. Of course, no promises are as well-known as the infamous promise from Moroni in the Book of Mormon. Check in as we […]

  • 074 – Poltergeist Heist

    We take a break from our recent string of Threesomes episodes to publish a previously recorded conclusion to our “First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel” theme. We couldn’t wrap […]

  • The Threesomes 06 – “Weird Alma”

    This is our longest episode to date (don’t get used to it), but it’s worth every minute to indulge in a fantastic conversation with the former LDS parodist, “Weird Alma”. […]

  • The Threesomes 05 – “Mitch and Gordon”, Part 2

    Mitch and Gordon both come back to the MormonTalk stage for a 2nd interview! We get to dig a little deeper with Mitch on the costs of leaving the church, […]

  • The Threesomes 04 – “Jeff”

    Here we are with another threesome (yes, we have endurance!). This time around, it’s with a personal friend, “Jeff”. There’s a rumor that hidden within this episode somewhere is a […]

  • 073 – Baptism Sophism

    Moving on through our discussion of the “first principles and ordinances” of the Mormon faith brings us to the ordinance of baptism. Where did this practice come from, and what […]

  • The Threesomes 03 – “Mitch and Gordon”, Part 1

    We were so excited to be able to host Mitch Shira (aka, “genie_man” on TikTok) on the stage for our third Threesome! To add to the already amazing experience, we […]

  • 072 – Pseudologia Fantastica

    It may sound like a spell from the Harry Potter movies, but it’s just a fancy way of saying “pathological lying”. We take a side-step for a moment from discussing […]

  • 071 – Shame Sham

    Moving on to discussing the 2nd “principle and ordinance of the gospel”, we address the LDS concept of repentance. Of course, we can’t talk about repentance in Mormonism without including […]

  • 070 – Germinating Termination

    The 4th Article of Faith in the Mormon church begins, “We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ…” In […]