• Episode Ideas?

    Dave and I have a huge backlog of topics we’d like to chat about in our episodes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts too. If you wouldn’t mind, drop […]

  • Tell Us Why You Left

    We’re hosting a “living” poll here, asking listeners and/or visitors why they left the LDS church. If you don’t mind anonymously contributing, please take part in the survey by submitting […]

  • 040 – Arrival at Departure

    What was the final thing that “broke the camel’s back” with your departure from the church – or are you still in the process of questioning/reconciling?

  • 033 – Mormon Miasmic Mirages

    How many more crazy things can we talk about in Mormon history that have been summarily ignored by modern leaders, many of which active (and former) members are completely unaware?

  • We’re gettin’ all professional ‘n’ stuff…

    Hey listeners! We recently upgraded to some nice mics to improve the audio quality of our podcast. The debut episode with the new mics was episode 8. Unfortunately, I had […]

  • Major podcast services now hosting MormonTalk!

    Hey visitors! We’re now all set up with iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play Music for your listening pleasure. This will allow you to listen to the show more easily […]

  • Hello Visitors!

    Welcome to the MormonTalk blog area. For now, we’re focusing on podcast episodes and the feedback listeners are posting there. In the future, if enough listeners are interested, we may […]